Multiple devices... A single platform

A new way to collaborate in the digital space Imaginate's Atom module enables geographically dispersed teams to collaborate securely over contextual 2D/3D data. Equipped with the ability to visualize, interact, and converse over data like never before, teams can now quickly and confidently finalize designs, train, sell and generally interact better. So, get set and come on board for a new era of enterprise collaboration!

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Immersive Collaboration
Immersive, Real time 3D meetings

Imaginate’s intuitive web interface and dashboards allows you to create, organize, and conduct meetings seamlessly. It lets you create meetings on the go, bring in your own 2D/3D data, invite people from few minutes

Secure content management

With Imaginate, you have the option to host on Imaginate’s Azure Cloud, your own Cloud or in-premise. Irrespective of the hosting choice, no customer data is stored in any of our servers, ensuring truly secure collaboration over confidential contents.

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Atom and Assist - Secure Content Management

Comprehensive, hassle-free support

We are eager to provide you with all the help you would need to have a seamless experience at all times. Whether you need help to get started with Imaginate or have trouble using it or you chanced upon a bug, our team is always there to help you.

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