A new, hands-free way to communicate and receive support from experts

Imaginate's Assist empowers field workforce with digital instructions (through text, pictures, videos and 3D models) using smartglasses or smartphones, for hassle-free completion of maintenance, repair and inspection tasks. With an additional ability to connect with remote experts on demand, field workforce can fix any unknown issues in quick turnaround time using live Video, Audio and AI based support, thus saving on travel costs and production expenses.

Imaginate AR - Annotations


Imaginate AR - Video Streaming

2-Way Real-Time Video Streaming

Imaginate AR, VR - Live Video

Live Video

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Web Browser

Web Browsing Feature For Experts

Imaginate AR - Screenshare

Screenshare Feature For Experts

Imaginate VR - Notes

Note Taking

Imaginate VR - Job Reports

Job Reports

Imaginate VR - Step By Step Job Procedure

Step By Step Instructions

Preventive Maintenance

Inspection and compliance checklist with instructions

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - Preventive Maintenance
Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - Corrective Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance

Support Field Workforce Using Digital Workflows And Remote Guidance

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - Corrective Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Access to performance panels and real-time analytics

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - Predictive Maintenance
Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - First Time Fixes
First time fixes

Hugely increase fix rates by new employees

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - First Time Fixes

Educate new employees remotely and enable them to learn on -field

Imaginate AR, VR, MR - Assist - Remote Training

Reduction in travel expenses related to support, inspection, and maintenance activities


Reduction in resolution time for support and maintenance issues


Increase in the number of support scenarios handled by workers


Reduction in number of local experts needed for support and training

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