Imaginate - Warehouse Management - Walkthrough                                      

28th September, 2021

Remote expert call for on-field technical support with live object tracking     

8th September, 2021

Atom Creator Toolkit Overview                                                                              

10th August, 2021

Imaginate powers Autodesk’s Anna University Design Challenge 2020-21

16th July, 2021

Facility interactive walkthrough created through No-Code based Design                   

16th July, 2021

Multi-user remote safety training via virtual reality                                     

27th May, 2021

VR Laser Tag live with Imaginate team                                     

23rd April, 2021

Virtual ground workforce training in airports using VR                                      

9th June, 2021

Virtual branch visit experience in banking and insurance                                     

16th July, 2021

‘Pres’sing Matters in VR - Trump and Biden are best friends                                     

21st January, 2021

Webinar : Service Training Through Virtual Reality 🕶️                                     

30th April, 2021

Remote sales live, via Augmented reality                                                       

21st October, 2020

Realwear HMT-1 with Imaginate Assist, for a safer and efficient field worker                                     

26th June, 2019

A Virtual Class Party                                                                         

25th August, 2020

TEDx Virtual Breakout Session in 3D, recorded live by Imaginate!                                        

2nd June, 2020

A conversation between a banker & customer in VR

26th May, 2020

Assist: Inventory Management using AR Glasses         

18th September, 2019

Teleportation Demo between VR & AR | MIT Conference | HoloLens

21st March, 2017

TechXchange 2019

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