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Movie Trailers On The Go!

The emergence of the nickelodeon around 1905 changed the film industry and its advertising strategies. The film industry has been coming up with clever ways to promote a film and even tie its publicity campaign strategy into the concept of the film itself.

Film trailers play a key role in the campaign strategy of any movie. Trailers set the tone to upcoming movies and largely influence the movie’s crowd drawing ability to the theaters.

FirstShow is a mobile app, that helps you increase the reach and viewership of your movie trailers. We increase the return on the investment made to publish your movie posters on newspapers, magazines and other print media.

The app is based on augmented reality, providing your viewers a whole new experience of watching movie trailers. FirstShow gives life to your static posters by playing trailers instantly, upon pointing the mobile camera to your movie’s poster.

Sign up with us today, and give life to your static posters. This app is available on Google PlayStore

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