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Your Virtual Fitting Room, Online

The biggest problem for shoppers in online fashion is that they don’t know how exactly the apparel and accessories look on them.

DRESSY is a revolutionary plug and play virtual fitting room for your digital fashion store. We provide virtual fitting and custom size recommendation to your digital users. The plugin is compatible with every e-commerce platform and is also available for fashion apps. Your shoppers also get to share their look on his/her social network for feedback, thus also enabling the store to get more footfalls, improve conversion rates and reduce order returns.

Dressy is scalable and just takes few hours to- go live on your online store. Stop thinking and try us out for FREE! It is a must investment compared to your 60 days free returns policy.

Good news to all physical stores, wondering how to enable more conversions on your walkins. We are soon coming to you with custom tablet app and smart kiosks to enhance your in-store customer experience. Contact us for more details.


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